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Indian Defence NewsThe latest observation from the law ministry of India regarding the date of birth of Gen. VK Singh puts their defense ministry in quite an uncomfortable situation. His age demonstrate that he must retire by May 31, 2012 rather than on May 31, 2013. That is because your birth date of Gen. VK Singh is definitely May 10, 1950 and never 12 months after. Gen. VK Singh has 2 dates of birth in his army records but even though he previously been commissioned since 1970 inside army, it had been just inside year of 2006 how the military had asked Gen. Singh about his 2 records of birth.

The Abyssinian Expedition was when it comes to making free the British captives under Ethiopian Empire. The army in the British in this expedition mainly consisted Indians, that has been called the British Indian Army. These Indians were from Madras, Bombay and Bengal expedition occurred in 1868.

The latest exercise code name ‘Nomadic elephant’ took place at Belgaum having a bi weekly training and active performance session in counter insurgency. Along with the Indian Army 30 officers and men with the Mongolian defense forces took part. It is worth noting how the exercise tapered off during the visit from the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to India. Perhaps it absolutely was statement of India’s intent.

The Indian general staff thus abdicated their decision making ability and allowed the army to attend seed. No concerted effort appeared in almost any forceful manner to impress upon the government the requirement to upgrade the infantry or even the armored corps. This had its repercussions and India got a bloody nose in the Chinese in the 1962 India China conflict. This neglect resulted inside the Indian soldier facing the well trained and equipped Chinese Army with obsolete.303 bolt action rifles. Worse no winter clothing was available and also the army soldier was supposed to fight in snow with conventional clothing. Thus defeat was obviously a natural corollary. The situation reached its nadir when Gen Thaper a four star general accepted orders coming from a joint secretary in the Government of India.

The Army has now raised two more mountain divisions for operations within the east. This involves a troop strength well over 35,000 with its head quarters at Zakama (Nagaland) and Misamari, near to Tezpur in Assam. Misamari even offers a fantastic airfield and I have operated from there. In addition a local brigade of Arunachal Scouts is raised, that is a great help as these are locals who know the topography of the East very well.

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